MMM: Science and Strategies for Well-being

MindMedMove 6-Week Program for Gilda’s Club
MMM: Science and Strategies for Well-being

By: Linda Janasz, PhD

Gilda’s Club South Florida introduced it’s first customized 6-Week MindMedMove (MMM) Cancer Well-being Program to a group of 26 participants impacted by cancer.

A cancer diagnosis can create fears of an uncertain future. Confronting fear is one of the greatest challenges when facing cancer recovery. Working through strong emotions is about cultivating a relationship with our thinking, and MMM training is well-suited for developing strategies for managing a variety of emotions. By dealing with the direct experience, we are better able to cope with the myriad of experiences we are faced with and enhance our coping skills while allowing us to deal more effectively with anxiety, anger and mood disturbances.

Inspirational weekly workshops developed and presented by Linda Janasz, Ph.D., empowered members to become increasingly more self-aware and engaged while developing the tools, skills, and strategies for improved self-management. During the program, participants practiced and implemented a myriad of well-being and mindfulness skills into the fabric of their daily lives.

“Thank you so much for this transformational program. I am learning to be more present and grateful and am happier,” stated one of the members.

Another member stated, “This program was awesome, and I looked forward to it each week. I loved dancing, connecting with others, meditating … I have learned so much about better understanding myself and am practicing to be more patient and self-compassionate. I am grateful to fear less and live more.”

As Gilda’s members are each on their own unique path, the MMM  program helps support personal growth by exploring the science behind our hard-wiring and looks at how fear, stress, and worry can become conditioned patterns.

The benefits are evident: MMM Post-program research confirmed participants reported significant stress reduction, increased engagement, heightened mindfulness, and an improved relationship with themselves and others. Members reported also raising productivity, an improvement in focus, increased emotional regulation, and positive emotions.

As life is both precious and unpredictable, a cancer diagnosis can be a profoundly challenging time, and treatment can come with great complexity. By mindfully embracing and managing the time that we are given, we learn to embrace this precious and unpredictable journey while creating a healthier, more meaningful, and joyful life.

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