Over the Edge for Gilda's

Over the Edge for Gilda's is a premier event for Gilda's Club South Florida exclusive to Fort Lauderdale.

Every person who raises a minimum of $1,000 will secure a place on the ropes to rappel down the AutoNation building downtown. And for those who exceed that goal, there are incentives to enhance the rappelling experience.

We are asking Over the Edge participants to possibly face a fear, complete a personal goal...and to live life to the fullest! We are asking you to support this by joining us as we go Over the Edge!


Over the Edge for Gilda's Club 2019
Saturday, October 5, 2019
AutoNation Building
Downtown Fort Lauderdale
Beginning at 8 AM

Registration fee is $50 

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You don't have to rappel to participate.
If you are interested in vounteering during the event, please contact us at vilma@gildasclubsouthflorida.orgImage 0263:



Gilda’s Club South Florida is raising funds by partnering with Over the Edge to give people the change to rappel 12 stories down the AutoNation Building on October 4th and 5th.

Participants raise a minimum of $1,000 for this exclusive opportunity to rappel.

We need your help!

Hosting an Over the Edge event requires a lot of volunteer support. Choose from one of the two volunteer opportunities listed below. 

Volunteers will receive lunch and a shirt! 

Become an Over the Edge Ropes Volunteer!

These volunteers assist with harnesses and other gear, loading participants onto ropes, maintaining effective communication, providing ground belay, and unclipping participants from the ropes at the end of their rappel. While previous experience with rope safety systems and a familiarity with the risks of working at height are a bonus, they are not required if the participants meet other criteria.

Time Commitment (both days required)
October 4th - Training Day
October 5th – Over the Edge Event Day


1.  How do I sign up to be a Ropes Volunteer?
Be sure to visit our Volunteer Signup page to see if there is an event happening in your area.  Select the event and date you would like to rope volunteer for and then sign-up!

2.  What experience/background is required to rope volunteer?
No PRIOR experience is required!   While we do give preference to those with experience working with rope such as climbers, cavers, firefighter, SWAT, etc., becoming a rope volunteer is open to everyone with an enthusiastic and safety conscious mindset.  Over The Edge will provide all training you’ll need in our training session, which takes place the day before the event.  We have many different roles available including some indoors and on ground level for those who may not like heights!  However, we always aim to rotate everyone throughout the event so that everyone may experience all the different jobs.

3.  What is the age limit to volunteer?
The standard age limit is 18 years or older to rope volunteer. If you are under the age of 18 and have extensive rope training or experience, feel free to email otevolunteer@overtheedgeglobal.com to find out if there may be an opportunity to be a part of an event!

4.  As a Ropes Volunteer, will I get to rappel?
Our team will make every effort to give our Ropes Volunteers the opportunity to rappel. This typically happens during an on-site training session the day before the event.

5.  What is the time commitment for Ropes Volunteers?
Ropes Volunteer training typically takes place the day before event day and is a 3-hour session. This is mandatory for first-time volunteers and encouraged for return volunteers. We ask that all volunteers be available for the entire day on the actual Event Day which can run up to 12 hours from arrival to wrap up. There is also Ropes Volunteer webinar on YouTube, and it is encouraged that you watch this video online before the event.



Registration Area
You are the gate keepers to the entire event and set the pace!

Staging Area
This is where participants receive their rappel equipment and prepare to rappel.

Escort participants from registration area to staging area and from staging area to roof.

Landing Zone
Meet rappellers at ground exclusion zone to escort back to Staging to remove rappel gear.

Roof Top
Communicate who is rappelling and who is on deck. Organize participants away from the edge and ensure there is an order to who is next in line.

Time Commitment
(Logistics Volunteers not required to volunteer both days)
30 min training call / virtual on-boarding, (details via email)
October 5th: Volunteers needed from 7:30am-4:30pm!

Logistics volunteer hours will be broken down into 2 shifts. Pick one shift or volunteer all day.




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